Kingpin entity guide


I decided to write this documentation because most tutorials out there only cover the same specific tricks over and over again while carefully avoiding entities descriptions. Also, the entity definition file provided by Xatrix along with kpradiant is irrelevant, stuffed with misleading information and lacks several entities. In that regard, I decided to list and provide as much information as possible about every spawnable entity, including tests and aliases. Info provided here comes from the game source code, decompiled maps, data collected over the internet and a lot of testing... The goal is to be as complete and accurate as possible.

You should also note that Xatrix relied A LOT on game code when creating Kingpin: most characters behavior, player actions, mission assignment and other random stuff (such as dirty hacks) are written in the game code, giving very little room for changes in custom single-player maps. For that reason, I'm currently coding a mod to provide you more flexibility when creating single player levels, without having to learn C and start recompiling the stuff all by yourself. A few features presented in this documentation belongs to the SPMOD and cannot be used in the original game, if you have any doubt, search for "SPMOD only" somewhere around.

The documentation is split in two parts: topics-related information and entity listing. Whenever you need more information regarding specific aspects of single player mapping, have a look at the entity listing part. Entity listing may look untidy at first, but honest, it's hard to sort them in an elegant way (entities starting with ai_ are not always AI-related: ai_boundary is, but ai_pv_deadlouie is not... go figure)

I'd really appreciate if you could report any inconsistency, mistakes or suggestions (aliasconradcoldwood-at-gmail-dot-com). Thank you.

An off-line version of this doc is available here.
The latest release of the SPMod is here (source and MSVC++ 2010 project included).
You can also download the following definition files: kingpin.def, kingpin_props.def, kingpin_spmod.def, kingpin_useless.def.

External Sources

JakFrost's Quake 2 Console Commands documentation (quakewiki, more cool info about the console here)