Map Specifics

Episode number

There are six episodes in Kingpin. Each episode has its own number, set in the worldspawn's "episode" key. This value is very important as each episode has its own hard-coded scripts, entities and hacks. In SPMod, undefined Episode number result in using custom scripts.
Episode, Title, Maps (.bsp)
1 Skidrow bar_sr, bike, pawn_sr, pawn_sr2, sewer, sr1, sr2, sr3, sr4
2 Poison Ville bar_pv, idiot, pawn_pv, pv_1, pv_b, pv_boss, pv_h
3 Ship Yards bar_sy, pawn_sy, sy1, sy2, sy_h
4 Steel Town bar_st, pawn_st, steel1, steel2, steel3, steel4
5 Train Yard kpcut3, ty1, ty2, ty3, ty4
6 Radiocity bar_rc, kpcut4, pawn_rc, rc1, rc2, rc3, rc4, rcboss1, rcboss2
- [undefined] kpcut1, kpcut7, kpdm1, kpdm2, kpdm3, kpdm4, kpdm5, team_pv, team_rc, team_sr

Map names processing

Filenames are very important to Kingpin. Starting a map with "bar_" or "office_" will force weapon holstering for all clients. Starting a map with "pawn_" will connect the pawn-o-matic interface (so when you leave the shopping menu, you also leave the map).

If the map name is "sr1", "pv_h", "sy_h", "steel1", "ty1" or "rc1", the notepad icon will automatically pop up. If the map name is "sr1" or "kpcut1", client will start with 68 health point only. Also, be careful when using "steel3" (this filename is used in a condition to proceed the special death event for David), "command" ("not_hard" spawnflag for the 27th "trigger_once" entity will always be disabled), "team_towers" (adding new starting points), "team_rival" (the "info_player_start" origin will be modified), "mine3" (the origin of a "target_secret" entity will be moved) or "security" (adding new starting points). For your information, "command", "mine3" and "security" are leftovers of the Quake II game code.

When starting a new single player game, the engine will always load "kpcut1.bsp".

Story-related entities

Episode specifics, description
ai_moker_notinoffice When touched, set EP_STEELTOWN_MOKER_NOTINOFFICE flag: "Moker's not here"
ai_pv_deadlouie When touched, set EP_PV_LOUIEPVB flag: "Louie's dead"
ai_pv_fuseblown1 When touched, set EP_PV_ONEFUSE and/or EP_PV_FUSEISBLOWN1 flag: "fuse needed".
ai_pv_fuseblown2 When touched, set EP_PV_ONEFUSE and/or EP_PV_FUSEISBLOWN2 flag: "fuse needed".
ai_sy_blefty When touched, unlink BLefty if EP_SY_FOUND_BITCH is set (found Lizzy's head)
ai_sy_oilcan When touched, set EP_SY_GOTO_DOORSHUT flag: "need oil can"
ai_ty_fuseblown When touched, set EP_TY_FUSEBLOWN flag: "I need a fuse"
ai_ty_valvehandle When touched, if the Valve is not into player's inventory, say "I need the valve handle"
ep_skidrow_flag When touched, set EP_SKIDROW_RATS_FIND flag: "Sewer Rats said Scorps wiped their moto battery"
rc_initiation_observer If flag EP_RC_INTOBRUSH is set and player fires his gun, this entity will make Patrick or Butch say they heard the gun shot and set EP_RC_FAILED_TEST flag
rc_initiation_brush When touched, set EP_RC_INTOBRUSH flag (also unset EP_RC_OUTOFBRUSH); Player mustn't fire his gun in rc1 (Joker's initiation)
trigger_motorcycle When touched, triggers the motorcycle cutscene at the end of Skidrow (only if player has the battery)


The "episode" key set in the "worldspawn" entity defines the stock for the pawn-o-matic. Note that Skidrow is the only area in the game with two pawnshops. If the "pawn_o_matic" entity has a "count" of "1", then the pawnshop will use the first set of stock, any other value will use the second set of stock for this episode.
Weap: Pistolyesyesyesyesyesyes
Weap: Shotgunnoyesyesyesyesyes
Weap: Tommygunnononoyesyesyes
Weap: Heavy Machinegunnononononoyes
Weap: Grenade Launchernonononoyesyes
Weap: Bazookanononononoyes
Weap: Flamethrowernononoyesyesyes
Mod: Silencernoyesyesyesyesyes
Mod: Rate of fireyesyesyesyesyesyes
Mod: Magnum Modyesyesyesyesyesyes
Mod: Reloadnoyesyesyesyesyes
Mod: Coolingnononoyesnoyes
Ammo1: Bulletsyesyesyesyesyesyes
Ammo1: Shellsnoyesyesyesyesyes
Ammo1: 308calnononoyesyesyes
Ammo1: Grenadesnononononoyes
Ammo2: Rocketsnonoyesnoyesyes
Ammo2: Gazyesnonononoyes
Health: Smallyesyesyesyesyesyes
Health: Largeyesyesyesyesyesyes
Armors: Helmetyesyesyesyesyesyes
Armors: Heavy Helmetnonononoyesyes
Armors: Jacketnoyesyesyesyesyes
Armors: Heavy Jacketnononononoyes
Armors: Legsnonoyesyesyesyes
Armors: Heavy Legsnononononoyes