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Map Entity Color: (.5 .3 0) (COLOR PREVIEW)
Dimensions: (-8 -8 -8) (8 8 8)
It defines a destination point for moving brush entities. Use path_corner_cast for AI's paths.
1TELEPORTEntities targeting this point will instantly appear here.
targetNext path_corner's ID
targetnameThis path_corner's ID
killtargetID of the entity to delete when reached
pathtargetEntity to trigger when an entity that has this path_corner targeted touches it
waitWait (in seconds)
speedfunc_train_rotating only: departure speed from that corner
rotatefunc_train_rotating only: angle change for X Y Z to next corner
durationfunc_train_rotating only: duration for angle change (overrides speed)


Map Entity Color: (1 .5 0) (COLOR PREVIEW)
Dimensions: (-16 -64 -32) (16 64 32)
Two-sided panels used to select stuff in any pawn-o-matic.
countSkidrow and SPMod only, used to check what pawn-o-matic we're in (1 or anything else for Skidrow -- at least 1 for SPMod)


Map Entity Color: (0 0 0) (COLOR PREVIEW)
Dimensions: Size of map components used
This classname represent the whole world and includes "normal" walls. Unlike other entities, there can only be ONE worldspawn per map.
episodeEpisode number
skyEnvironment map name (skybox), also used for reflection
soundsMusic cd track number
gravityGravity (default=800)
lightSet a low value to light the entire map without using individual bulbs
messageMap name
fogdensityFog density for opengl cards
fogdensity2Fog density for 3dfx cards
fogvalRGB values of fog for opengl cards
fogval2RGB values of fog for 3dfx cards
_sun_lightSet sun brightness
_sun_targetDefines sun yaw and pitch pointing to a spotlight target
_sun_angleDefines sun yaw and pitch manually (0 to 360) (-90 to 90)
_sun_vectorDefines sun yaw and pitch using a X Y Z direction vector
_sun_colorDefines sun color in scalar R G B
_sun_diffuseDiffuse light brightness
_sun_difwaitDiffuse light attenuation
_sun_ambientSet sun ambient brightness
_sun_surfaceSet sun surface brightness